The light or the board use solar power charge the battery in the day time, and turn on the light when sun is off. A full charged battery could keep the light on for more than 8 hours in the night.

Board Features:

  • Simple chip solution for this solar power landscape light.
  • Highly integrated chip, only need extra one inductor to work
  • High efficiency 83%
  • Solar panel should be 2V or slightly higher voltage version, connect to SO+ and SO-
  • Attached 1.2V rechargeable AAA battery in battery holder. (positive to SO side, nagetive to – mark side)
  • LED light could connect to LED+ and LED-, or SMD footprint 3528 LED.
  • Input current 1.2V / 22mA (68UH)
  • Light automatically turn on when solar voltage is too low, which means sunset come.
  • The battery should be well charged 6-8 hours under good sunshine, otherwise it will not work well.

Each purchase is for one board only.

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg


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