D1 Pro Mini DEV Board, Based on ESP8266ex Chip


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The D1 mini Pro is a mini wifi board based on ESP-8266EX.

Key Factors:

  • Upgrade to use CP2104 USB-TTL and 16MB flash.
  • Due to chip limitation, using new chinese CH9102 chip now. Fully same performance
  • 16M bytes(128M bit) Flash
  • Antenna available in built-in ceramic antenna or external antenna connector.


  • Microcontroller ESP-8266EX, clock Speed 80MHz/160MHz
  • 11x digital input/output pins
  • Interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire
  • 1x analog input(3.2V max input)
  • Extra antenna please order alone in the store
  • On Board operating Voltage 3.3V
  • Same size as D1 mini, but more lightweight
  • Length 34.2mm, Width 25.6mm, Weight 2.5g

Documentation please see on this page.

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