RGB LED Matrix Panel [Type] [Read Note]

RGB LED Matrix Panel [Type] [Read Note]





  • The unit board purchased each time will not be compatible with other times of purchases, because each batch of production could be different board!!
  • So if you need one same batch, please consider order them together ONCE!


  • Large scale and mature production product, high quality
  • RGB full color in each dot, interface use standard HUB75
  • Power supply 5V, up to 2A (9W average, max <16W) maybe used to full power all LEDs, 3.96mm 1×4 jack. Maxium power is 6A, 30W for 3216, and 6.5A for 3232.
  • Can be used on outdoor (P6-P10) water proof or use indoor (P2.5-P4)
  • All tested demo code, make sure can work even if you are not code expert.

Available Tested Type:

Type Dot Pitch / Total Dots Standard Dimension Usage
P8-32×16 8mm, 32×16 =512 dots 256x128mm Outdoor, wateproof
P6-32×32 6mm, 32×32=1024 dots 192x192mm Outdoor, wateproof
P4-64×64 4mm, 64×64=4096 dots ? Indoor Display
P4-64×32 4mm, 64×32=2048 dots 256x128mm Indoor Display


More Specification:

  • Life time 1000,000,000 hours.
  • Drive constant current, dynamic
  • Flash rate 2000Hz


  • Data Cable –> Include 16P ribbon cable for HUB75 connector to drive board.
  • Power Cable –> 2-to-2,  4pin 3.96mm to “Y” connector power cable.
  • NOT include the water proof rubber seal ring, (Not include anymore)
  • 4pcs Magnetic screws for installation, can be snapped on you metal frame. Screw specs is M3, Dia. 13mm, L 12mm.

To install as a full screen:

  • For DIY entry level, install the magnetic screws on the panel, and snap to a standard size aluminium profile rack, panel back side support 10~20 screws, strong magnetic screws can hold it, and you can decide how many screws to use.


Additional information

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