NB-IOT Network Module BC26


  • Based on Quectel BC26 NB-IOT module
  • Current supported bands: H-FDD B1/ B3 / B5 / B8 / B20
  • Developing bands: B2* / B12*/ B13*/ B17* /B18*/ B19*/ B25*/ B26*/ B28*/ B66*
  • The BC26 module is available in an LCC chip package and has an ultra-small size of 17.7mm × 15.8mm × 2.0mm to maximize the end-user requirements for small form factor modules and provide customers with a reliable connection.
  • BC26 provides a wealth of external interfaces (serial port, SPI, ADC, etc.) and protocol stack (UDP/TCP/LwM2M, etc.)

Module Features:

  • Lead out all pins and interface:
    • Pin definition please refer to board or attached image.
    • Pin Pitch 2.54mm
  • On board 9V – 3.3V LDO reguator for power supply
  • On board logic shifter:
    • Can use regualtor 3.3V as logic volatge, or use external +5V logic voltage
    • Default logic use 5V
    • Included pins: Reset, netlight status, main serial port txd and rxd, PSM_EINT, RI, AUX txd and rxd.
    • All on board front right side.
  • On board netlight status LED
  • Antenna connector friendly, default placed IPEX connector, can remove and replace SMA or through-pin connector.
  • Back side SIM card package is NANO SIM.

Jumper Setup:

  • Front two-way jumper: connect VIN power supply IN to +5V and Logic 5V, connected default.
  • Back three-way jumper: Select logic 3.3V or 5V, 5V default.
  • Back two-way jumper: Enable auto boot on power up. Enable default.

BC26 Features:

  • Power supply voltage range: 2.1V ~ 3.63V
  • Typical supply voltage: 3.3V
  • Maximum current consumption under PSM: 5μA
  • Typical current consumption under PSM: 3.8μA
  • LTE Cat NB1: B1/B2*/B3/B5/B8/B12*/B13*/B17*/B18*/B19*/B20/B25*/B26*/B28*/B66*
  • Transmit power  23dBm±2dB
  • USIM interface  Supports 1.8V USIM card
  • Main serial port:
    • Used for AT command transmission and data transmission;
    • After the module is powered on, it defaults to the adaptive baud rate mode (supports adaptive synchronization of the baud rate below 115200bps); the MCU needs to continuously send AT commands and modules to synchronize the baud rate. After returning OK, the synchronization is successful; after the wake-up wakes up the module The baud rate of successful synchronization after booting is used directly, without resynchronization.
    •  Can also be used for local software upgrade; default support 921600bps baud rate
  • Debug serial port:
    • Used for software debugging to obtain the underlying log
    • Default baud rate: 115200bps
  • Auxiliary serial port:
    • Used for software debugging to obtain the underlying log
    • Default baud rate: 115200bps
  • Network protocol feature UDP/TCP/CoAP/LwM2M/SNTP/MQTT/PPP/TLS*/DTLS*/HTTP*/HTTPS*/FTP*
  • SMS*  Text and PDU mode
  • Data transmission characteristics
    • Single-tone: 25.5 kbps (downstream), 16.7 kbps (upstream)
    • Multi-tone: 25.5 kbps (downstream), 62.5 kbps (upstream)
  • AT command
    • 3GPP TS 27.005 and 3GPP TS 27.007 defined commands (3GPP Rel.13/Rel.14*), and new AT commands for remote communication

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