VAC Energy Meter Power Sensor Board, HLW8032 Isolated Version


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  • Based on HLW8032 full isolated scheme design, use isolated current and voltage sensor.
  • Device support up to 380VAC, 10A.
  • On board LDO LM7805, power supply for HLW8032 from 5V-24V.
  • Serial data output from TX pin of HLW8032, baudrate 4800bps, please notice.

Energy meter series:

Note this calculation method is different to R1, please refer to wiki page ZMPT section.

More documentation can be found on this page.

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  1. 4 out of 5 (verified owner)

    This board not really works with 5V, because the Voltage regulator not LDO, it needs at least 7V for a stable 5V output. I used an USB charger as a supply, and the result was very uncertain (the otput was only 3.8V and the IC didn’t tolarate it). After I shorted the regulator’s input and output it worked fine. The current transformer’s burden resistor is a 100 mOhm resistor and according to it’s datasheet it requires 50 Ohm for proper working (this will cause much bigger voltage, but you can use a voltage devider).

    By the way, the product works with Arduino and MCU.

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