• Stable working when offline programming, well supported MPLAB, MPLAB X faster than other verions.
  • Auto restore firmware, won’t have lose firmware issue.
  • Protective circuit agaist short connection by fuse (4 self-restore fuse, kit2 has none) and other circuits.
  • Stable voltage and high current output
  • Each device has own unique ID, support mutiple devices in the same time, support mplab x.

Compare to ICD2/Kit2:

  • 16bits MCU PIC24, double times download speed. USB connection is stable than ICD2 \ KIT2.
  • Offline programming function 512Kbytes. Development and debugging programming can be used to do product batch offline programming or so.
  • The power supply output, internal voltage can be directly controlled by MPLAB IDE software.
  • PIKCIT3, support WIN7 system. ICD2 \ KIT2 does not support 64-bit WIN7
  • More stable, programmer and wide range output voltage: 1.8-5V VDD;1.8-14V VPP

Package includes PICKit3.5, USB cable, ICSP cable, 6 connector pins.

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