PIC16F72 is a little classical IC, but cheap enough as a start point for PIC.

PIC16F72 has following features:

25 I / O ports, 12 interrupts, 11 channels 8-bit AD conversion, two 8-bit timers, a 16-bit timer, 128 bytes SRAM, addressable general purpose synchronous / asynchronous transceivers, 2048 words of flash program memory.


  • All I / O ports are led to facilitate the user external to other peripherals.
  • On-board 8MHZ crystal.
  • On-board power indicator.
  • On-board reset button.
  • MicroUSB mini power jack.
  • Lead out programming interface to facilitate users to download debugging, PICkit can easily program it well.
  • Size 37MM * 32MM.

Schematic please see on this page.

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