Breadboard w/Side Power Channels

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  • High quality
  • Side power channels, easy for power wires
  • Can be combined as module with each other
  • Great for electronic prototyping
  • ABS materials
  • Dimension: 5.5 * 8.5 CM (Long), 5.5 CM * 16.5 CM (Short)
  • 400 holes for short board and 630 holes for long board,
  • phosphor bronze nickel plated spring insert pins, for wire diameter 0.8 mm

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6 reviews for Breadboard w/Side Power Channels

  1. koursaros (verified owner)

    nice for any begginer in electronics

    price is good but in bulk quantities could be lower.

  2. jeroenvp (verified owner)

    must have for prototyping

  3. nfriedly (verified owner)

    Very handy, and I can’t complain too much at this price, but the quality was a little lower than I had hoped for: sometimes parts require a little wiggling before they make a connection. This can make for a frustrating experience, especially with more complex circuits.

    I think the next time I need one, I’ll probably spend a bit more for a higher quality breadboard.

  4. nfriedly (verified owner)

    It took me a while to realize this: the side-power are divided at the middle of the board, so there are 4 different +/- power “sections”

  5. Jacques (verified owner)

    Standard, and indispensable.

  6. steve.bromwich (verified owner)

    Nice breadboard, not too tight plugging components in.

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