5PCs SMD to DIP IC Chip Convert Board [Package, Footprint]


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You can use this board to transfer the SMD device into a DIP device and then use on breadboard, for example, use this one for SO8 Attiny 13A.

Be aware of the white half sphere on the edge of the board, make sure you solder on the right direction.

See the Pitch size in the attachment.


  • SOP8 (One side)
  • SOP16/SSOP16 (Dual Side PCB)
  • SOP28/SSOP28 (Some ICs example: AD9851, AD9850, PL2303, PL2303HX, PDIUSBD12, SOP 28 Version also downward supports 20 Pins and and 24 Pins.)
  • TQFP (0.5/0.8mm Pitch, Dual Side PCB): one side support AVR IC family, another side support STM32 family
  • MSOP10 (One side)
  • QFN 44 / 48 (Dual Side, 0.5mm Pitch)

5 reviews for 5PCs SMD to DIP IC Chip Convert Board [Package, Footprint]

  1. remymorra (verified owner)

    very useful !

  2. Jacques (verified owner)

    These boards are very useful and versatile. I just used one to solder a 64 pins Atxmega256 with solder paste.
    I wish though that there would be also versions with pins on only two rows in order to use them easily in breadboards.

  3. 5 out of 5

    arthofer.thomas (verified owner)

    Very useful and a good quality.
    Also, all contacts for the chip are pre-tinned so you easily solder everything by hand, even the TQFP.

    The only small downside i encountered were with the SPO16 adapter where i wanted to solder an microchip EEPROM that had the right pitch size but was to broad.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jacques (verified owner)

    Good quality. Very useful.

  5. 5 out of 5

    vestale (verified owner)

    Very useful for projects.

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