5PCs 5mm RGB LED (Common Anode, PID)

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  • Application:Night light, Domestic decoration, surveillance, advertisment.
  • Lightness:120-140 MCU
  • Working voltage, MCU and wavelength:
    • R: wavelength 630-640nm    Lightness 1000-1200MCD      Voltage 1.8-2.0
    • G:wavelength 515-525nm    Lightness 3000-5000MCD       Voltage 3.2-3.4
    • B:wavelength 465-475nm    Lightness 2000-3000MCD       Voltage 3.2-3.4
  • Life:up to 20000-50000 hours(recommended current:50-60 mA)
  • Attenuation:zero(testing time:1000 hours).


The longest pin is common anode(+),  other 3 are blue, red and green(-), this is called shared anode, please try it out.always connect a resistor value between 200-1K ohm resistor in between anode and other pins, otherwise it burn out soon.

Or try it with a multimeter, one of the two which has the biggest internal value is common anode.

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2 reviews for 5PCs 5mm RGB LED (Common Anode, PID)

  1. Bessière (verified owner)

    very clear led, works great with shifregister 74hc595 or pwm drivers tlc5940

  2. thiagoas (verified owner)

    very good quality led, great bright and little price.

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