20PCs Dual Color (Red&Green) 3mm LEDs Com-Anode

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  • Pin length:> 22mm
  • Diameter: 3mm
  • Voltage range :3.0 – 3 .2 V
  • Current range: 3mA – 10mA
  • The bulb is vaporous

About the voltage:

Brightness increases as the voltage rises, LED is a current-controlled device, so that not an accurate voltage value ,you should note the drive current rather than drive voltage, typical LED is driven using constant current source, For not very precise occasion, you can use a resistor in series to achieve the “approximate constant” drive resistor according to Ohm’s law calculation)

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Weight 0.01 kg

3 reviews for 20PCs Dual Color (Red&Green) 3mm LEDs Com-Anode

  1. egondadalt

    Very good led RGB. in Brazil i have a store with this product.

  2. thiagoas (verified owner)

    Good led, very bright e small size.

  3. vestale (verified owner)

    Small size and best price.

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