WS2813 (WS2812B) Introduction

WS2813 is an upgraded version of the first generation of built-in driver IC-WS2812, in 2011 began research and development, in October 2012 officially put into the market.

After the placement test during the IC crystal, crystal line link test, and fluorescent plastic anti giant cold test. . . It took almost a year. WS2812 IC products built at the beginning of the market, customers have been a little contradiction, because he is a new product is not easy to be accepted, but also because he really broke the conventional drive IC plus lamp beads concept. But look at today, almost all lighting manufacturers, application providers, decorative advertising works so accepted the built-in IC products, but also are keen on the production and use of the built-in IC products. The reason I believe we all know, because he really is more stable than the traditional, more concise, more beautiful, more performance, production and more convenient.

WS2813 IC is built the second generation, even better than the first generation WS2812. It contains all the advantages of the first generation WS2812 WS2812 also better than all of the advantages. WS2813 is 4 pin 5050RGB lamp bead type. Pin fewer, more stable; lamp beads bracket brighter, better, higher brightness; circuit more compact, higher performance, production costs are lower; new positive and negative level reversal protection, not pick the wrong line It will burn.


  • The control circuit chip and RGB components in a package in 5050, to form a complete external control pixels.
  • Built-in signal shaping circuit, any one pixel signal is received through the waveform shaping and then output to ensure line waveform distortion will not accumulate.
  • Built-in power-on reset and brown-out reset circuit.
  • Trichromatic color of each pixel of the display brightness can achieve 256, 16777216 colors to complete the full true color display, the scanning frequency of not less than 400Hz / s.
  • Serial cascade interface, through a signal line to complete the receiving and decoding of data.
  • Biography transmission distance between any two points in less than 5 meters without any additional circuitry.
  • When the refresh rate of 30 frames / sec, the number of low-speed mode cascade of not less than 512 points, the high-speed mode is not less than 1024 points.
  • Data transmission speeds of up to 800Kbps.
  • Light color highly consistent, cost-effective.


  • LED full-color light-emitting character string lights, LED full-color module, LED full-color flexible light strip light bar, LED guardrail.
  • LED spot light, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment marquees.

About WS2812:

WS2812 is a set of control circuit and lighting circuit in one of the smart external control LED light source. Its shape and a same 5050LED lamp beads, each element is a pixel. Pixels contained within an intelligent digital interface data latch signal shaping amplification drive circuit further includes a high-precision internal oscillator and programmable 12V high voltage constant current control section, effectively ensuring the color pixel light highly consistent.

NRZ data protocol uses a single line of communication, pixel after power-on reset, DIN end receives data transmitted from the controller, the first sent over 24bit pixel data is extracted first point, to the internal pixels data latch, the remaining data processing circuit through the internal plastic shaping amplified through the DO output port begins forwarding to the next cascade of pixels, each pixel through the transmission of a signal to reduce 24bit. Pixel using automatic shaping forwarding technology, so the number of pixels of the cascade unrestricted signal transmission, only limited by the signal transmission speed requirements.

LED has a low voltage driving, high energy saving and environmental protection, brightness, scattering angle, consistency, and ultra-low-power, long life and other advantages. The control circuit is integrated in the LED above the circuit becomes more simple, small size, installation more convenient.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    geraldhasmail (verified owner)

    Super awesome! These guys are really easy to use with Arduino using the neopixel library from adafruit.

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