*Radial Electrolytic Capacitor (CPOL, 0.22UF-470UF, 12Kinds x 10PCs)

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This Kit includes the Radial electrolytic capacitor of 12 kinds, each kind has 10 pcs, the detailed specification are as follow:

  • 50v 0.22 uf
  • 50v 0.47 uf
  • 50v 1 uf
  • 50v 2.2 uf
  • 50v 4.7 uf
  • 50v 22 uf
  • 25v 10 uf
  • 16v 33 uf
  • 16v 47 uf
  • 16v 100 uf
  • 16v 220 uf
  • 16v 470 uf

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Weight 0.05 kg

2 reviews for *Radial Electrolytic Capacitor (CPOL, 0.22UF-470UF, 12Kinds x 10PCs)

  1. serfieledrag (verified owner)

    Here are the values I’ve got recently:
    0,22u 50V
    0,47 50V
    1u 50V
    1u 50V duplicate
    4,7u 50V
    10u 50V
    22u 50V
    33u 16V
    47u 16V
    100u 16V
    220u 16V
    470u 16V
    Nice for beginners for prototyping.

  2. muunokhoi (verified owner)

    Good assortment, great for bypass capacitors.

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