Common Zener Diode, Regulator, 3.3V-30V, 14Kinds * 10Pcs, [Watts]

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Please note this is a human sorting work, sometimes may come with tiny mistakes, if you mind please don’t buy.

0.5W value:

For 0.5W kit includes 14 kinds of zener diode, each kind is 10pcs, value are:

  • 3.3V 4.7V 5.1V 6.2V 7.5V 8.2V
  • 9.1V 10V 12V 15V 18V 24V 27V 30V

1W value:

For 1W kit includes 14 kinds of zener diode, each kind is 5pcs, value are:

  • 1N4728A1W 3.3v
  • 1N4730A 1W 3.9V
  • 1N4732A 1W 4.7V
  • 1N4733A 1W 5.1V
  • 1N4734A 1W 5.6V
  • 1N4735A 1W 6.2V
  • 1N4738A 1W 8.2V
  • 1N4739A 1W 9.1V
  • 1N4740A 1W 10V
  • 1N4742A 1W 12V
  • 1N4743A 1W 13V
  • 1N4744A 1W 15V
  • 1N4746A 1W 18V
  • 1N4751A 1W 30V

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9 reviews for Common Zener Diode, Regulator, 3.3V-30V, 14Kinds * 10Pcs, [Watts]

  1. jeroenvp

    The values of the diodes do not correspond to the values you get

  2. Chao

    The value is updated on February 5th 2013, sorry for the confusing.

  3. trevoz (verified owner)

    The values do not correspond to what you get. The values I received were:

    3V3, 4V7, 5V1, 6V2, 7V5, 8V2, 9V1, 10V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 27V, 30V

    I didn’t need (or want) anything over 12V and I particularly wanted 2V4 – 3V 🙁

  4. trevoz (verified owner)

    Electrodragon went to the trouble of finding me the correct values which I had ordered and resupplying them to me. Excellent customer service!

  5. remymorra (verified owner)

    very goood 😀

  6. serfieledrag (verified owner)

    Nice pack, may be missing some rarely used values, but for me all is OK. Here are the values I’ve got:
    3,3 4,7 5,1 6,2
    7,5 8,2 9,1 10
    12 15 18 24
    27 30

  7. zemlin (verified owner)

    This is a great pack of Zenors, it has all the Zener’s which i require for my projects

  8. thiagoas (verified owner)

    Great and cheap zener kit, very useful voltages.

  9. muunokhoi (verified owner)

    Values for 1/2 watt kit were as expected. Great package.

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