Solderable Mini Breadboard PCB

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  • Layout same as mini breadboard, and also same connection in the veritcal pin line.
  • Two installation screw holes
  • Four of these PCBs panelized into one, each purchase if for one penzlied board (4pcs.).
  • You can send the edge a little bit if you mind it (see this little issue on the pictures).
  • Double side.
  • Pin pitch 2.54 mm, dimension please refer to the attached image.
  • Installation hole drill M3, pad is M4.

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7 reviews for Solderable Mini Breadboard PCB

  1. koursaros (verified owner)

    Very nice small pcb for prototyping from mini breadboard.
    quality as always.

    thanks for new products

  2. Harry (verified owner)

    Perfect pcb’s for small projects. Easy to solder (at both sides). Good quality. When developing a project I like to keep some parts separate (power supply, mcu, sensors and so on). When something needs to be changed you only have to replace or modify that particular pcb. And when you are done with testing your project you can use these parts for your next project. Very handy!

  3. snoonan (verified owner)

    Unexpectedly good quality for the price. Excellent soldering and high quality board.

  4. geraldhasmail (verified owner)

    Great quality, solid board and well worth the price. I will get many more of these.

  5. steve.bromwich (verified owner)

    Perfect size for an ESP8266 SMD board with a few extra components.

  6. muunokhoi (verified owner)

    adds some nice modularity to a project

  7. nubcore (verified owner)

    I found these to be a nice size for migrating from small breadboards. The quality is good for prototyping,

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