Chip Brief:

CH9343 is a highly integrated, low-power, single-chip full-speed USB Android Host interface control chip, which can be configured as 6 kinds of expansion interfaces: UART, GPIO, PWM, I2C host, SPI host and SPI slave, for built-in USB device interface Android devices to access external components.

Chip Features:

  • Support full-speed USB transmission (12Mbps), compatible with USB V2.0.
  • Fully built-in USB protocol processing, no external programming is required.
  • Supported Interface:
    • Hardware full-duplex asynchronous serial port, support MODEM signal RTS and CTS and RS485 transmit and receive control signal TNOW.
    • 16 general-purpose input and output pins.
    • 2 PWM outputs.
    • I2C host interface, the clock can be adjusted.
    • SPI master/slave interface, byte MSB/LSB transmission sequence can be adjusted.
  • Provide USB device configuration complete instructions.
  • Support 5V power supply voltage and 3.3V power supply voltage or even 3V power supply voltage.
  • Provide SOP-16, LQFP-48 lead-free package, compatible with RoHS.

Board Features:

  • Based on the official board design, support all types of interfaces
  • Only necessary parts are populated, please add other pin header interface by yourself
  • On board chip CH9343G
  • On board PWM0, PWM1, ACT and power indicator LEDs
  • Support to config from CFG0 to CFG5, default mode is UART mode

Android applications’ source code, demo software APK, schematics could find on WCH page here, or our git collection here.

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