• On board main control chip samd21
    • Arduino zero board compatible
    • could be control directly via USB
    • 9 extra IOs top, AREF, 6 extra IOs bottom
    • D13 programmable LED
    • On board logic shifter for UART interface, 5V compliant
  • On board high performance motor drive chip A4954:
    • Drive two DC motor, or stepper motor
    • Up to 40V input voltage, and 2A continuous or 5A peak current drive.
    • BUT only up to 16V for the design of this board, please don’t use higher voltage, or it will break.
  • On board AS5047D magnetic encoder chip.
  • On board extra power supply pins 3pins x 4 groups of VIN, GND, 5V, 3.3V
  • Main power supply for motor into green cable terminal.
  • Installation holes compatible with NEMA42 steppers.

Preloaded with Arduino firmware, board please select Arduino samd21 and programming via USB

Documentation please see here. Any questions please email us.

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