High performance motor / stepper drive on this mini package.

  • Size: 18.5*16mm
  • Input voltage: 3 – 10V (peak to 12.8V)
  • Single H bridge output current: 1.5A (peak to 2A), can drive 2 DC geared motors, or one stepper.
  • On Board power indicator.
  • Built-in overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, undervoltage lockout and overtemperature protection. With low power sleep mode.
  • Uses: It can drive DC motors up to 1.5A and 4-wire stepper motors.

Instructions for use:

  • ULT low level is sleep mode (need to disconnect the J2 short solder joint behind the module)
  • OUT1, 0UT2 is a 1-way H-bridge, and the corresponding control is IN1, IN2.
  • OUT3, 0UT4 is the second H-bridge, and the corresponding control is IN3, IN4.
  • EEP is the protection output and is not used by default.
  • VCC oltage input 3 to 10V.

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg


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