• On board 2x TB6612 mosfet drive
    • Up to 1.2A per drive channel. (3A peak)
    • Each TB6612 driver has a full H-bridge, capable to drive a full stepper motor or 2x DC motor. Wire terminal lead out on board two sides.
    • Drive by PWM signal from PWM9685 driver.
  • Driver pca9685 only use IIC interface.
    • Selectable IIC address, and fully stackable design.
    • Extra two servo drive pins on board left top.
    • Extra PWM pins all lead out.
  • Power Supply
    • Extra Vmotor power supply wire terminal, for motors
    • Jumper select to connect Arduino VIN Power in to Vmotor.
    • Extra 5V power supply for servos on left top
  • Servo Interface

    • Servo 1 control by arduino 10 pin
    • Servo 2 control by arduino 9 pin
  • More extra prototypes holes for prototyping.


  • Not include extra soldering pin headers, please find stackable headers here.


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