Raspberry Pi Stepper / Servo / Motor Drive Shield Hat



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This expansion board is an all-in-one robot expansion on the market that supports both Stepper / Motor / Servo and can be expanded with more control interfaces by using multiple boards, Particularly suitable for players DIY robots, smart car, robot arm, intelligent PTZ and so on a variety of applications.

The control interface is simple to use I2C interface, compatible with 3.3V / 5V level, it is also applicable to other development boards on the market.

  • 4x servo drive, 3P standard interface, convenient connection 5V servo and LED lights
  • 4x motor interface M1 ~ M4
  • or 2x stepper interface: M1+M2,M3+M4


  • Single power supply, normal power supply voltage range of 5V ~ 12V; (according to the control of the motor control voltage selection of the correct input voltage and current)
  • through the Raspberry Pi I2C bus to complete the data input / output,
  • All the way I2C interface, compatible with 5V level, can be connected arduino or other development board control
  • All the way I2C interface, can be accessed by a variety of sensors, expansion of various applications
  • Expansion board address by the four address pins, up to 16 expansion boards at the same time
  • Support 16 PWM channel output
  • 12-bit resolution, adjustable PWM frequency up to 1.6KHz, configurable push-pull or open-drain output
  • Support infrared receiver function, convenient infrared control
  • On Board IC PCA9685, TB715A2, etc

Product specifications

  • Working voltage: 5V ~ 12V
  • Interface: I2C
  • Size: 65x56x21mm
  • Weight: 0.02kg

Documentation please see on this page.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg


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