ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board

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  • Size: 42mmx30mm
  • Use ULN2003 driver chip, 500mA
  • A. B. C. D LED indicating the four phase stepper motor working condition.
  • White jack is the four phase stepper motor standard jack.
  • Power pins are seperated
  • We kept the rest pins of the ULN2003 chip for your further prototyping.


  • Get schematics and other information on this page.

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3 reviews for ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board

  1. muzy (verified owner)

    They work great with Arduino and can drive a stepper motor. If you set the delay to about 100ms you can see the LEDs light up. Using the 28BYJ-48-5V the circuit draws about 95mA when the stepper can spin freely, when the stepper blocks it draws about 130mA current.

  2. andy (verified owner)

    I like this version of the stepper motor board because it’s easy to fit input pins for the other three channels of the chip, and as it’s 0.1″ spacing, it would be easy enough to solder wires to the other three outputs, plus if you damage the chip, it’s in a socket so you can just replace it.

    At the price, it’s worth getting one just to be able to control the 4 LEDs, as indicators.

    The ULN2003 has open collector outputs, to connect something to ground, so it’s useful for switching all sorts of things, at relatively low current – e.g. you could use it in a burglar alarm, switching the power to a piezo siren (on the negative wire), or the innards of a cheap magnetic window alarm or attack alarm.

  3. remymorra (verified owner)

    very good 😀

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