Pl2303HX USB to COM/UART/TTL Integrated Programmer Cables (Replaced by PL2303TA)

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PL2303 USB to TTL programmer, integreated into the cable, not a board any more, easy to use and pretty well protected. Cable Length 1 meter.

Same function of CP2102, FTDI 232 IC, etc, used for prgramming or updated firmware of TV box, AVR, etc.

Pin Definition:

  • Red – VCC (5V),
  • Black – GND,
  • Green – TXD,
  • White – RXD.

* May do not need to connect the Red VCC pin if you connect to other devices.


  • Simple serial communication.Router or ADSL firmware upgrade.
  • GPS serial communication.
  • Hard disk firmware upgrade.
  • Easy to use, RX-MCU to the TX; TX to the MCU RX; GND connect to ground. Without the need for using a MAX232 converter.
  • HyperTerminal; common serial debugging tools.
  • Various satellite machine upgrade, etc.


  • According to our customers feedback, this item seems NOT working with windows 8, because it is not PL2303HXD (rev D)
  • Refer to this page.

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2 reviews for Pl2303HX USB to COM/UART/TTL Integrated Programmer Cables (Replaced by PL2303TA)

  1. rahulsinghal (verified owner)

    better to use this instead of MAX232 converter for RS232

  2. (verified owner)

    It is possible to make it work on Windows 10 (and maybe also 8) if you install an older version of the driver.
    Google for “Prolific old driver”
    I got it to work with version

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