LAN8720 Ethernet Breakout Board PHY


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  • High Performance 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver (PHY)
  • Ultra low power design with single 3.3V supply
  • The RMII interface greatly reduces the control pin of the MCU
  • Support HP Auto-MIDX
  • The chip is available in a 24-pin QFN package (4×4 mm), lead-free
  • Flexible power management architecture
  • Integrated 1.2V regulator
  • IO voltage range: +1.6V to +3.6V
  • Fully pin compatible with ESP32 devkitc board. Only 12 pins used.

Extra features for ESP32 Devkitc:

  • Configurable jumper
    • CLK pin connect to ESP32 IO0
    • CLK pull up resistor
    • PHY_X-power (crystal power enable) pin connect ESP IO17
    • PHY_X-power pull up resistor.
  • Only CLK to IO0 jumper connected during our test. PHY_X-power is not connected and controlled by IO17.
  • During boot, could have problem to enter into flash mode, please try to press a few times to restart.
  • Tested based on official ESP-IDF ethernet example.

Application areas:

  • Embedded server, development board Ethernet interface

Demo video using with ESP32 please see here. Configuration please see here.

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