Delayed Start of Work

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Delayed Start of Work

Hi! Wish have good a year of 2020, good health and happy life.

We just back from a long local holiday, also called Chinese lunar year. Sorry for the late reply during this time. This won’t have in this year anymore.

We currently have another situation is the corona-virus spreading in China, it is a long story but we will scientifically prevent this incident, all will be fine.

In the meantime, the local government is taking measure to prevent crowding of people:

All local companies are forced to start to work after 10th February. This will influence our supply chain, logistics and more. So we are not able to run fabrication, or ship any orders.

Also many of our employees were back to their hometown, where is the original infected area. We need further quarantine even after 10th.

Please ONLY place order if you can wait until 10th or maybe 20th for us to send your order. Thank you!

Recommend the popular science books “A Planet of Viruses”, explain a lot of facts and history about virus.

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