Shipping Updates!

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Shipping Updates!

Bpost is on a delay but still good


I have to tell our great bpost shipping service got a certain delay recently, around 5-10 days, (many orders sent on 10th got tracking info on 22rd, and still need more days to deliver), this due to the strike at Belgium airport, we got nothing to do and only can wait.. however, in the year most of the time it is good to deliver in 5-12 working days, still recommended.

  • About this bpost shipping, it’s slightly more expensive than Hongkong post, need around $5-8 intiate shipping cost, but almost same weight cost than Hongkong post.
  • It’s fast. Our shipper will deliver the parcel to Beligum in 2-3 days, and further delivered by Belgium post.
  • One more nice point is the parcel will be checked by Beligium custom and no need further custom check in your country, battery is no problem, so most of time your parcel will NOT be open by Customs. For some countries the parcel will be opened anyway to check if it is sent internationly.
  • Now Bpost shipping methods is called “SFCQM2R” in our system.

Then it’s more about our new shipping service.

Royal Mail 2nd Class to Many Countires in 5-11 Days


The royal  mail 2nd class, deliver not only to all the EU countries, but also many other countries like United States, Canada, Croatia etc in 5-11 Days as promised by them . We will also takes 2-3 days to deliver the parcels to UK, and smoothly checked by UK customs, and further delivered soon. For example, as they promised deliver to western European countries in 3 working days, then it’s only need 2+3 days to your hand after we shipped!

The shipping Cost is expensive, it’s $14 usd initiate shipping cost (DHL is $18) but still a little cheaper than Hong Kong post on weight cost. Shipping methods got a name “SFCQM1R” in our system.

Cheap DHL in 2-7 Days for United States, Canada and Mexico

We used the Hong Kong post to deliver our parcel to US, Canada and Mexcio these three countries in 10-20 days in the past, it was faster than many other shippers but still not good enough, so we work furter on these and find a shipper who have really great advantage to these three countries, shipping cost is around $11.4 for initiating and only half weight cost of Hong Kong post, so it means the more you buy the more cheaper! And finally get free (more than 0.7KG)!

Toll Express Shipping in 3-6 Days for South-Aisa Countries


Toll is a shipping agent should be as good as DHL or FedEx, only need 3-6 days to many South-Asia countires, the pirce is much cheaper than Hong Kong Post (when parcel over 0.5KG),  a much better shipping option!

Basically the parcel will leave from Hong Kong hub and to the destionation hub and then further deliver to your door. Find more info about this shipping company on their website.

If this shipping option is not shown for you please contact us by email(info@electrodragon) normally we are not yet added it.

Aramex Shipping in 3- 6 Days for Mid-East Countries


Well, we made a quick choice because of it’s great price and fast delivery time! In both two parts, it’s again much better than hongkong post. It’s covered more than 21 countries in mid-east! Basically the parcel will all transfer to the United Arab Emirates center firstly and further delivered. If you find your country are not listed with this shippng option, please contact us to add it (! And see more information on their site if you are not familar with them.

If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us!

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  • poulbran Reply

    Darn I sure wish you could whip up some Amazon magic and get it even lower, but thanks for looking out for the customer!

    September 12, 2016 at 9:09 am

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