Chrismas Order Delay And Discount

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Chrismas Order Delay And Discount

Dear customers, merry Christmas 2012! We wish all you happy in this holiday and happy new year. However, we are sorry many parcel may not reach you on time before this holiday and we will stop shipping during Chrismas, please read more details below and take a coupon code with great discount if you don’t have emergency order!

  • Recent Parcel Delay around 5-15 days

Due to the heavy shipping workload of Hongkong post, many orders which are placed from the end of November (after 20th Nov) until now have a shipping delay around 5-15 days, this is really a thing we can’t control or do any help, you will still receive it, but just longer than normal. This delay will lasts till the end of December. Normally the Hongkong post will arrive on time around 7-15 days very stably.

  • Stop shipping during Christmas Holiday 23th – 27th

All the Hongkong post will stop sending parcel between 23th till 27th, we are not yet know if this will influence the shipping at the new year holiday, so please consider this before you place any order, it may delay until 2013 :D. If you have any emergency needs on product please use fast shipping (DHL/FEDEX/UPS), this will always work well.

  • Coupon code – “christmas” (All low case)

Coupon code “christmas” gives 10% flat additional discount on all the products and also on your current personal discount, will work during the holidays from 23th till 27th, this is the biggest discount we have on Electrodragon, works on all the products, only will available during holiday, the great chance to gather millions components again! I hope you like it. And also be aware of the delay if you are not in a hurry.


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