25PCs 74HC595 – 8-Bit Shift Register

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Simple shift register IC. Clock in data and latch it to free up IO pins on your micro.

  • 8-Bit Serial-In, Parallel-Out Shift
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range of 2 V to 6 V
  • High-Current 3-State Outputs Can Drive Up To 15 LSTTL Loads
  • Low Power Consumption, 80-µA Max ICC
  • Typical tpd = 13 ns
  • ±6-mA Output Drive at 5 V
  • Low Input Current of 1 µA Max
  • Shift Register Has Direct Clear


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2 reviews for 25PCs 74HC595 – 8-Bit Shift Register

  1. Sandman333

    Great price, and the ICs work perfectly. Thanks!

  2. Bessière (verified owner)

    You need to have theme, you can drive rgb led with shiftpwm, drive nixie tube and only with 2 pin on arduino

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