FM Radio Module 1310, 64-108Mhz, W/o MCU

FM Radio Module 1310, 64-108Mhz, W/o MCU


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This is another type FM radio module, same as our other FM module, it is high compact, very few external parts with main IC and great performance. Another good point is it does not need MCU control, for controlling the volume and seeking channels, you can simply connect the module to either VCC or GND directly with switch.

1310 is a highly integrated single-chip stereo FM radio. 1310 to support global FM receiving frequency range 64-108MHz, the chip integrates all the features of FM radio components: LNA, radio single-chip solution. Mixer, Oscillator and LDOregulator. Requires only minimal external components can enjoy excellent signal quality and excellent reception indicator. 1310 totally unnecessary additional MCU and control software for a variety of different number of keys radio products. 1310 is definitely your best cost-FM

Features of the IC 1310:

  • Broad support for the Global FM Receiving frequency range: 64-108MHz
  • Low power consumption: 15 mA
  • Support four band settings, no additional settings de-emphasized (de-emphasis)
  • Few highly integrated peripheral components and
  • No need of additional software control MCU
  • Using low-cost 32.768KHz crystal.
  • Built-in two-way automatic search function
  • Supports electronic volume control
  • Supports stereo or mono mode
  • Built-in Class AB headphone amplifier circuit
  • Support 32ohm load
  • Support for external amplifier switching
  • Operating voltage 2.2 to 3.6 V
  • Using SOP16 package
  • It can be widely used in various key product number

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