PowerBus Slave Module Power line Bus Communication


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Based on power line communication technology, data transmit and receive via the low voltage DC bus power line. Use full voltage transfer and current feedback for data transfer,

Based on powerbus slave chip PB331.

Common used in firefight or fire monitoring 2-wire BUS technolgoy.

For demo videos please search in our social media chanels. You can also read more about powerbus here.

Chip Features:

  • Bus can be powered, communication and power supply do not need electrical isolation
  • The bus has strong anti-interference ability, and can go side by side with the mains
  • 256 devices can be connected at the same time
  • The communication distance can reach 3KM
  • Support non-polar wiring
  • Support any topology wiring: tree, star, bus type
  • No special cable requirements
  • Maximum bus voltage can reach 48V
  • Transparent serial port protocol, compatible with the original TTL or RS485 system
  • Adaptive 9600bps and 2400bps half-duplex communication
  • Low-cost solution
  • Can be isolated and non-isolated design to ensure electromagnetic compatibility characteristics
  • Short-circuit protection function, auto re-cover once the short-circuit is removed.
  • Bus power line up to 20A current transfer.

Board Features:

  • Input BUS has no directions negative or postive (non-polar wiring).
  • Up to 40V input BUS voltage, recommanded to use 24V voltage
  • Output three channels of voltage:
    • Input Voltage at VIN+ and VIN-
    • DCDC supplies 12V@0.8A
    • and LDO 3.3V@0.5A
  • Output TTL serial signal default 9600bps

More documentation please see on this page. 

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