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Type LTE-FDD Note Foot Print Compatible
BC95B8JB-02-STDW B8 (China Mobile; unicom) 24x20 BC3x/BC9x
BC95B5JB-02-STDW B5 (China Telecom, Europe, AU, TH) Version 2018 24x20 BC3x/BC9x
BC95B5JC-02-STD B5 (China Telecom, Europe, AU, TH) Version 2019 24x20 BC3x/BC9x

Header text Band LTE Area
BC95-B5 B5 China-Electrodragon, Korea CCC/SRRC/NAL
BC95-B8 B8 China, Europe, Australia CCC/SRRC/NAL
BC95-B20 B20 Europe CE/GCF
BC95-B28 B28 South America TBD
BC95-G B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28 @FDD-LTE (TBD) Global TBD

Other Features

  • Package Type LCC
  • Number of pins 94
  • Supply voltage 3.1V~4.2V, typical value: 3.8V
  • Working temperature -40°C ~ +85°C
  • Module size 19.9 × 23.6 × 2.2mm
  • Module weight 1.6g
  • AT Command Controls 3GPP Rel-13 and Enhanced AT Commands
  • Download Method UART, Over the Air*
  • SIM Application Toolkit
  • Data Transmission 100bps<bit rate<100kbps (TBC)
  • Protocol stack


  • SMS*

  Point to point messaging   Text/PDU mode

  • Output power 23dBm
  • Sensitivity -129dBm
  • Power consumption
Sleep: 5uA
Idle: 6mA
  • interface

  SIM/USIM card × 1   UART × 2   ADC* × 1   RESET × 1   Antenna × 1