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  • Check How to enter into normal mode or program mode here ESP8266 Boot


Method Option Platform Usage Download
Arduino-ESP8266 Compiler + Downloader windows / linux GUI Install in arduino
ESP Download Tool Downloader windows GUI from our github ESP8266 Firmware or Espressif
ESPTool Downloader windows /linux CLI Pip install or

Flash Options

Models Chip Flash Size Speed Flash Mode Crystal frequency Flash Frequency Flash Read
ESP-01M ESP8285 1MB 1500 000 DOUT (fixed) 26Mhz SPI 40Mhz flash vendor:51h : N/A flash devID: 4014h QUAD;8Mbit crystal: 26 Mhz
ESP-12S / ESP-12F ESP8266 4MB 1500 000 DIO 26Mhz SPI 40Mhz -

Flash Example by ESP Download Tool (Combined)

  • Firmware can be combined into one
  • Firmware will be 4M / 2M / 1M total size for ESP8266
  • Choose single file and download to 0x0, the rest flash options remains the same

Flash Example by ESP Download Tool (Not Combined)

Type Address Description
boot_v1.X.bin 0x00000 from the official SDK
esp_init_data_default.bin 0x3FC000 from the official SDK
blank.bin 0x3FE000 + 0x7e000 from the official SDK
user1.bin 0x01000 user application 1

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