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Function Map, Pin Definition


Demo Code

Demo Code MSC-51

Pin Definition

Pin Name Description For SPI Pins in Demo Pin Name Description For SPI Pins in Demo
SPON Speaker Output Negative NC - SPOP Speaker Output Positive NC -
GND GND GND GND 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V
CLK Clock Input Yes, can shared crystal with MCU - SDCK Parallel bit-1 SPI Clock P0^0
SDO Parallel bit-7 SPI Data output P0^6 SDI Parallel bit-0 SPI data input P0^1
SPIS Parallel write SPI Enable, can directly to GND P0^5 CSC Parallel Chip Select SPI Chip Select P0^2
A0 Address or Data Select NC - MD Mode Select (0=parallel, 1=SPI) - P0^4, or to VCC
RSTB reset input (Enable on low) - P0^3 INTB Interrupt (Enable on low) - P3^2
MICP Microphone input Positive - To microphone MICN Microphone input Negative - To microphone


LQ ASR 3320 Schematic.PNG

All the following demo code works with STC 51MCU

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