NodeMCU Modules

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Brief Info of Modules

Name Description Application Type
Node The node module provides access to system-level features such as sleep, restart and various info and IDs. Example Basic
File The file module provides access to the file system and its individual files. Example Basic
GPIO This module provides access to the GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) subsystem. Example Basic
Wifi wifi setup, AP, STA, etc, Example Basic
net operate TCP UDP connection, DNS solving Example net
PWM PWM on any IOs Example Basic
IIC IIC Example Basic
SPI SPI Example Basic
timer timer Example Basic
ADC ADC Example Basic
1-wire This module provides functions to work with the 1-Wire device communications bus system. DS18b20 protocol
bit Bit manipulation support, on 32bit integers. Example system
MQTT The client adheres to version 3.1.1 of the MQTT protocol. Example net
CoAP Example Example net
U8G U8glib is a graphics library developed at olikraus/u8glib with support for many different displays. OLED Display
WS2812, ws2801 RGB light Example protocol
cJSON The JSON support module. Allows encoding and decoding to/from JSON. Example net
crypto The crypto modules provides various functions for working with cryptographic algorithms. Example system
RC - - -
DHT support DHT11, 21, 22, 33, 44 sensor Example sensor
RTC(mem), RTC(time), RTC(fifo) The rtcmem module provides basic access to the RTC (Real Time Clock) memory. Example -
SNTP The SNTP module implements a Simple Network Time Procotol client. Example system
BMP085 This module provides access to the BMP085 temperature and pressure sensor. The module also works with BMP180. Example sensor
TSL2561 TSL2561 Luminosity Sensor Example sensor
ucg Ucglib is a graphics library developed at olikraus/ucglib with support for color TFT displays. ILI9163 ILI9341 PCF8833 SEPS225 SSD1331 SSD1351 ST7735 Display
end user setup This module provides a simple way of configuring ESP8266 chips without using a serial interface or pre-programming WiFi credentials onto the chip. Example system
HX711 weight sensor Example sensor