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RDA5856 - Bluetooth

QE32 - QFN32, L / LE - QFN48, TE - TSSOP24 / MSOP24, T28E - TSSOP28

  • Bluetooth v4.2, support BR/EDR and BLE
  • Integrated broadcast FM tuner
  • VoC DSP core @104MHz
  • 16 bits voice ADC
  • 16 bits stereo DAC
  • Support mp3/sbc/wma/aac/m4a/wav/ts/amr
  • AT commands
  • Interface: USB 2.0 OTG, UART interface, 1 SD controller, I2C master, General Purpose I/Os

Installation Guide for SDK

  • First install jre-7u80-windows-i586.exe
  • unzip IDE and replace eclipse folder by eclipse-cpp-mars-rda-iot-1.1.rar
  • Tool lists
Production tool -> ProductTool_8.03.05.rar; Audio tool -> audio_tool_v2.0.6.rar; download tool -> coolwatcher_20170120.zip


Use with Baidu DuerOS

  • Currently only Chinese available as commands, but english and more can be supported later
  • RDA5981 should flashed a fimrware -> dual_console.bin
  • Also need SD card, and put files in sd card for dueros -> can_not_conn.mp3、cloud_connectde.mp3、cloud_disconnected.mp3、profile
  • Bluetooth 5856 already had factory pre-flashed firmware, no need flash anymore -> 5856Q32_codec_hf200u_release_flash.lod
  • Send commands to setup wifi -> AT+WSCONN, e.g. AT+WSCONN=0, xxx, yyy -> return OK, in which xxx, yyy should be SSID and password
  • start duerOS -> AT+DUSTART, or AT+DUSTOP
  • AT+DUREC=1 to record, more infor refer to AT commands page.


  • Internal module design can refer to UNO91H board design
  • Buttons default function record, pause/play/ prev, next, vol+, vol-, but also support define by secondary development.
  • Support play voice via earphone
  • Support line_in from phone or PC to play music.

Flash Firmware


All install in virtual machine ..

  • Install Java
  • Download RDA BT Pre-build Eclipse, notice a update just replace it.
  • Import new -> RDA project
  • Set project COM port, baudrate
  • Set project property -> current chip IC is 5856TF SSOP24
  • Build image and flash


  • use coolwatcher

Note List

  • Should use stable version 3.3 or 3.4, latest version have bug, for example, can not use "RDA tools" in eclipse