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RPI Software Setup SDK

Main Github

Please ask for software support via github, clone project https://github.com/hzeller/rpi-rgb-led-matrix/tree/master/adapter

Prerequisite Checklist

  • double check turn off SPI IIC, 1-wire, serial, etc in raspi-config
  • turn off sound in /boot/config.txt -> add line dtparam=audio=off
  • optionally install following modules: sudo apt-get remove bluez bluez-firmware pi-bluetooth triggerhappy pigpio
  • optionall added following to disable audio in kernel
cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rgb-matrix.conf
blacklist snd_bcm2835
sudo update-initramfs -u
  • by following up setup, the GPIO output should be all good

Quick Start Guide


  • Run example for our selling 32x16 panel:
./examples-api-use/demo -D 0 --led-cols=32 --led-rows=16 --led-multiplexing=8
./examples-api-use/demo -D 0 --led-cols=32 --led-rows=16 --led-multiplexing=3
./examples-api-use/runtext16.ppm -D 0 --led-cols=32 --led-rows=16 --led-multiplexing=8
./examples-api-use/demo -D 0 --led-cols=32 --led-rows=32 --led-multiplexing=1
  • To chain other panel:
 --led-chain=2 to --led-chain=4
  • Other example will have the same configuration
--led-rows=8 --led-chain=2


  • multiplexing =1
./examples-api-use/demo -D 0 --led-cols=32 --led-rows=32 --led-multiplexing=1

Other Panels

Working Panel Demo code Panel Specification Command
32x16 P8 or P10 3216 1/4 ./demo -D 0 --led-rows=8 --led-chain=2
32x32 P6 3232 1/8
64x32 P4 NA 1/16
64x64 P4 NA 1/32

Quick Start Guide - Python Bindings