[Retired]ED05 Bluetooth BT Stereo Voice Audio DEV. Board


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This module is the completed version of this core board, the schematic is also available on this core board product page.


  • Plugin the USB power, or solder the battery wires onto it which is another option.
  • Turn on the Power Switch.
  • Press PWR buttons for 5 seconds, red LED on for 2 seconds and then blue LED flashing quickly which means the module enter into searching mode.
  • Connect your Bluetooth Phone to you, then the blue LED flashing normally, which means it matched.
  • Now play!

Function of buttons (from left to right):

  • Power – PWR
  • Next – FWD
  • Back – BACK
  • Volume up – VOL+
  • Volume up – VOL-
  • Stop/Play – Play


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