[Retired]ALTERA FPGA CycloneII EP2C5T144 Minimum Dev Board


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Use CycloneIIEP2C5T144 processor from ALTERA for this minimum development board.

Logical control, data collection, DSP and mathematics calculation.

All the pins are bring out for the FPGA chip, you can put directly to your application board, 5V power supply can be bring in from pins.

Compact dimension:6(cm) * 8(cm)

Hardware configuration:

  • On-board chip:EP2C5T144
  • Use EPCS4 EPROM chip, 4Mbit
  • On-board 50M crystal (at backside)
  • Use 5.5mm Power supply jack
  • includes Power supply indicator and reset button
  • On-board 3 SMD LED for LED tests, more test can be done by jumper wires.
  • All IO pins and clock pins are brought out, any further extend storage devices can be connected via these pins.
  • High quality Capacitor for power filter
  • Support NiosII embedded CPU development

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