[Retired]Li-MnO2, LiFePO4 (LFP) Charger Board 1A(2A) TP5000 IC


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  • Size: 18*26 mm
  • Default version on 1A current, could modify to 2A
  • Note: Input do not support reverse protection, please read the direction carefully before you, otherwise it will burn the board, but not burn like fire. Reverse projection on battery end can only protect IC but not related resistor.

About TP5000 IC:

TP5000 is a switch voltage-down lithium manganese battery / lithium iron phosphate battery charge management chip. Its ultra-small QFN16 package and simple peripheral circuit, making it ideal for portable devices which need large current charging management applications.

Meanwhile, TP5000 built-in input overcurrent, undervoltage protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, battery temperature monitoring, reverse battery protection.

TP5000 has a wide input voltage into trickle charge the battery pre-charge, constant current, constant voltage three phase, Trickle pre-charge current, charge current is adjusted through an external resistor, the maximum charging current up to 2A.

TP5000 with a frequency 800kHz switching mode makes it possible to use a smaller peripheral devices, and high-current charging remains smaller heat. TP5000 built-in power PMOSFET, anti-intrusion circuit, so no anti-intrusion protection Schottky diodes, and other peripherals.

TP5000 constant current function, but also can be used in two series lithium batteries or four string input, constant current drive 0.5-7W white LED.


  • Single 4.2V Li-MnO2 lithium manganese or 3.6V LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate batteries charging
  • Built-in power MOSFET, switching mode, the device less heat, peripheral simple;
  • Programmable Charge Current, 0.1A–2A;
  • Programmable pre-charge current, 10% – 100%;
  • No external Schottky diode anti-intrusion;
  • Wide operating voltage, maximum reach 9V;
  • Two LED charge status indicator;
  • Chip temperature protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection;
  • Battery temperature protection, reverse battery shutdown, short circuit protection;
  • Switching frequency 800KHz, available inductor 2.2uH-10uH;
  • Automatic recharge function;
  • Less than 1% of the charge voltage control accuracy;
  • Trickle, constant current, constant voltage charging three sections, to protect the battery;
  • Using QFN16 4mm * 4mm ultra-small package;

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

  • Input supply voltage (VIN): 10V
  • BAT:-4.2V ~ 9V
  • BAT short duration: Continuous
  • Maximum Junction Temperature: 145 ℃
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
  • Storage temperature range: -65 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
  • Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec): 260 ℃


  • Portable devices, various chargers
  • Smart phone, PDA, mobile cellular telephone
  • MP4, MP5 player, Tablet PC
  • Miner
  • Power Tools
  • White LED Driver


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