Mini Vibrating Vibration Motor, Vibrator [Type]


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Dimension Version:
  • 1305 Motor 13 x 5 mm
  • 1027 Motor dia. 10 x 2.7 mm (round, lead out wires)

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  • Rated power 0.003 (kW)
  • Rated voltage 5V for 1027, 3.3V for 1305
  • Rated current 75 (mA)
  • Rated speed 11000 (rpm)
  • Rated torque 3 (NM)
  • Efficiency 80 (%)
  • Name: Vibrating/Vibration/Vibrator Motor
  • Two pad leads on the bottom or lead out
  • Cell Phone
  • anti-lost
  • massage bra
  • medical equipment

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Weight 0.003 kg


1 review for Mini Vibrating Vibration Motor, Vibrator [Type]

  1. 5 out of 5

    muzy (verified owner)

    This motor vibrates very strong when the rotating part can run free. You should solder wires to the pins and prevent to bend it. Bending the pins may break them (so did mine).

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