[Retired] PCB Copper Clad Board Etch Solution (Replace of Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2)


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Main composite is something called Ammonium persulfate (or sodium persulfate/peroxydisulfate), with 5% salt or anhydrous cupric sulfate, not fully sure about it.

  • No any bad smells that may have from Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 and ferric trichloride
  • The liquid will be slightly blue and almost transparent, a good lucking
  • The etching process is fully under observing, you can fully control the timing and precision.
  • There will no any dirty spot during cleaning.
  • Week acid, no smell, high safety for prototyping!
  • Easy to deal with the scrap.
  • Mix with 1:4 powder:water ratio, you can etch 10*15cm single sided board 10 – 15 pcs
  • One pack is 200g,

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