Regular & Warm White in One LED Strip, 5M


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  • Adustalbe Color temperature:
    • Control white and warm white LED light intensity to change color temperature.
    • When both LEDs light up in same brightness, it is close to nature light.
  • Change color light by needs: mood, environment, seasons, etc.
  • Each purchse is for 5 meters, includes end headers.
  • Strip is glued covered, not bared, so it is also water proof.
  • Usage – 12V on power, “W” for white, or “WW” for warm white to GND (in case if you receive strip marks are 12V R G B then R is white, and B is warm white)

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2 reviews for Regular & Warm White in One LED Strip, 5M

  1. 5 out of 5

    muunokhoi (verified owner)

    I’ve got two of these full strips running now on a 3 amp power supply. Each full strip at full brightness draws just over 1 amp at 12v. All LEDs work and it looks great. I’ve got a PWM dimmer on each color led for a fully adjustable range of color temperature. The adhesive tape doesn’t hold well at all but I expected that. I’ve secured it with both hot-glue and contact cement, both hold it to wood very well.

  2. 4 out of 5

    mandi (verified owner)

    The Strip works fine! I’ve got a strip marked with 12V GRB. It runs Warm White at rail B, as described., But Cold White runs at rail G, not on rail R, as described. That’s no problem. But the strip is bared. The description says it is covered with clear silicone, not bared. I wanted to use it in a bathroom. Now I have to cover it by myself. So only 4 stars.

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