Resistor Kit (30Kinds x 20PCs, R10-1M, 1/4W,)

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The common used resistors in 20 kinds, every kinds has 20 pcs. Every 20 pcs in one band.

1/4W, accuracy in 1%.





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7 reviews for Resistor Kit (30Kinds x 20PCs, R10-1M, 1/4W,)

  1. serfieledrag (verified owner)

    Nice pack for beginners.
    I’ve recieved 22k instead of 22Ohm.

  2. nfriedly (verified owner)

    Fantastically handy kit – and every single one was clearly labeled! (with text on the tape – not just the color-coded stripes on the resistors themselves.)

  3. thiagoas (verified owner)

    Great quality precise resistors, comes with label in every different values.

    A must have for prototyping.

  4. trhardin (verified owner)

    good selection of values and a terrific price, most places you will pay more for lower tolerances!

  5. thiagoas (verified owner)

    Nice pack as said before, very precise.

  6. muunokhoi (verified owner)

    Great assortment for projects. Clearly labeled, saves a lot of time over reading color codes.

  7. vestale (verified owner)

    Very handy, easy to use, and labeled.

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