A good tool to test your power source capability, support 2A or 1A constant current discharge via USB.


  • when the load is working, a large current will cause a very, very high temperatures, so do never touch it! And do not let flammable materials contact test device to avoid fire! Short course must be highly vigilant!
  • Taking into account the special nature of resistance around the wound, in the initial period will generate a little white smoke and odor, this phenomenon is inevitable, is normal, do not worry it will damage the load tester, ease of use.

When your maximum power output is 1A, then use 1A for testing; when you maximum power output of 2A or more, switch to the 2A testing.

Working Condition:

When the red LED keep on then it means the discharging is working fine, if not then it means the discharge is not reached.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Usefull to check power banks

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