This is a very handy, compact size screwdriver kit, including 30 kinds of headers, can fit all your needs. The other great feature is all the header won’t loose around when you shake it, all the headers will stay in their position firmly, so in this way, you don’t need to be very careful and re-sort them after they mess you up. which means these headers will always keep in position.

For the manufacturing we can only said it is a medium level quality, not the best, but not bad.

Total height is around 12CM, you can grab it in a normal adult hand

Type of Headers:

  • ” Philips Type:PH000、PH00、PH0、PH1 (Common used)
  • ” Type:1.5mm、2.0mm、2.5mm、3.0mm(Common used, 2.0mm has two)
  • Inner Hexgon Type:H1.3mm、H1.5mm、H2.0mm、H3.0mm、H4.0mm,(For dis-assemble prototype, bicycle, motor, mechanical, etc H2.0mm has two)
  • ” hexgon type:T3、T4、T5、T6、T7、T8、T9、T10、T15、T20( For disassemable cell phone, PC, hard drive, printer, xbox, xbox360, shaver, etc)
  • ” Inner Triangle Type:△3.0,(For disassemabling home appliance)
  • Y type triangle:Y3.0,(For disassemable Wii, nokia, electrical fans, etc)
  • “★” Pentagram:★1.5 ★2.0,(Disassemable a few types of PDA, cell phone, etc. )
  • Double “U” shaped (“concave”, “fork” type): U2.6, (and some other high-end Philips Air Purifier power strip use of such fastening screws).

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Delia (verified owner)

    Good assortment of bits. Quite good quality too. The box did not survived intact, but I am not found of this kind of storage anyway.

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