Inductor Pack Kit (12 Kinds x 10PCS)

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1/4W, 0307 package, we don’t know the accuracy of this item.

This pack kit includes 12 Kinds or value of inductor, each value is 10 pcs:

  • 1UH
  • 10UH
  • 22UH
  • 33UH
  • 47UH
  • 100UH
  • 150UH
  • 220UH
  • 330UH
  • 470UH
  • 560UH
  • 1MH

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Weight 0.02 kg

3 reviews for Inductor Pack Kit (12 Kinds x 10PCS)

  1. oakkar7

    what is accuracy? +(or)- %

  2. Chao (store manager)

    Hello Oakkar,

    We don’t yet know the accuracy of item, sorry.

  3. jdub

    If you read the color code they are silver in the pic… that should be 10%+-

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