[Retired]Mutiple USB Port Charger Hub 2.1A


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All along, all usb products only single port charger with usb, such as Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod. Products appear from no more than a charger usb port, usb simultaneously to multiple devices simultaneously charging power supply. ANP products appear to completely solve the problem of multi-port while stabilizing the charge, giving new ideas usb charging products

ANP intelligent multi-port charger using IC solutions, 4USB output, stable output DC 5V, 2100mA (working temperature even after upgrading foot 2100mA). Smart chip detects over-temperature, over-current, overload, short circuit protection, until the normal load is automatically restored. In case of force majeure circumstances, promptly cut off the circuit to protect the machine safety.

ANP also equipped with an external multi-port charger cable can be placed directly into the charger away from you the most convenient place to charge the device, but the product is also equipped with a power switch and LED indicator, you can directly in the charger on the basis of need to turn off the power, LED lights synchronized instructions.

This concept technology means that, as long as you have a charger ANP, which can give four different usb device charging, while addressing the data cable is not long enough or too crowded and does not charge chapai embarrassment


  • Works good with pcDuino
  • Four USB output interface, can simultaneously charge multiple usb devices, and 2.1A Maximuntly and totally.
  • Shell with cool black, Cool white, elegant green, pink, sky blue, lemon yellow, purple nobility seven colors, add variety to your life choice, while using high-temperature, high-quality materials, generous appearance, stable and reliable
  • Using glossy bright design, effectively prevent scratches to ensure product beautiful appearance
  • Power switch, indicator light, easy safe operation
  • IC smart chip control, to ensure safe, efficient charging
  • External cable can be placed in the charger where you need charging, natural random, you can simply pull the bed or desk charger, charging directly using the phone

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