10PCs Exclusion Network Resistors 9P [Value]


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Resistor network, 9 pins.

What is Resistor Networks?

Resistor networks are combined by several resistors with the same value, they are use one  of the same common pin are connected together as a common pin. The remaining pin leads to normal. So if an exclusion is constituted by the n resistors, then it will have n 1 only pin, in general, that is the left-most common pin. General exclusion on a color point marked out. The resistor network is generally used in digital circuits, such as: as a parallel port on the pull-up or pull-down resistor with. Using resistor network is more convenient to use a number of fixed resistor.

Difference between type a and b.

  • The pin of A type resistor network is always odd. Its left end with a common terminal (white dots), said common exclusion 4,7,8 resistor, so the number of pins from 5 or 8 or 9.
  • The pin of B type resistor network is always even. It does not have a public side, the common exclusion of four resistance, so pin 8.

The exclusion of resistance read method is as follows: “103”: 10 kΩ, “510”, said: 51Ω. And so on.

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2 reviews for 10PCs Exclusion Network Resistors 9P [Value]

  1. 5 out of 5

    koursaros (verified owner)

    Very usefull for LED Bar
    get more variation on values

  2. trevoz (verified owner)

    Excellent quality – note the three supplied values had 2% (G) tolerance not the 5% (J) implied by the provided image.

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