PCB Batch Production Service [For size over 10cm, or 3sets]

PCB Batch Production Service [For size over 10cm, or 3sets]


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0. Board Setup

Please provide your board size, quantity you need for confirmation.
Also including extra requirements, for example color, thickness

1. Engineering Cost * 

This is the basic initiated cost.

2. Film cost: enter single board area.

Enter multiply length by width (length * width = area), for irregular shape, enter maximum length.
For example 15×7 cm = 105cm^2, please enter 105

3. Production cost: enter multiply single board area by sets.

Enter multiply single board area by sets. (single board area * sets)
For example 105cm^2 * 5 sets = 525, please enter 525 (5 sets = 50pcs)

4. Upload PCB File

You can upload your PCB file here.

(max file size 5 MB)

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In two case you will need this PCB Batch instead of standard PCB service:
  • For Boards quantity more than 30 PCs (3 Set), the price will be cheaper when you produce more.
  • For the length of the any side of the board over 10CM, for example, board size is 15*5CM, 15CM is over size for standard service.
  •  Available color: green, red, blue, white, black, orange
  • Thickness(default 1.6mm, from 0.6-1.6mm free to choose), etc (if you have)
  • Lead time 5-7 days.


  • Total volume is total board area of production. (cm^2)
  • Please measure your board size by yourself, and put the correct quantity here. For all irregular shape boards, use the maximum length instead,  for example a full round board you need use diameter multiply with diameter.
  • Please ask for quote for board area over 2 M^2

Detail cost can see on this list.

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1 review for PCB Batch Production Service [For size over 10cm, or 3sets]

  1. 5 out of 5

    Steven (verified owner)

    Electrodragon delivered well made production quality PCBs to us in Sydney Australia in one week. We placed the order online, paid for faster manufacture and delivery – and it just worked with no problems. Our job still only cost $90.42US ($121.69 AUD) delivered for 20 PCBs. 10/10!

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