2012 latest PS2 game joystick module using biaxial button SONY Corporation PS2 gamepad buttons on the original high-quality metal rocker potentiometer.

Special double axis analog output module and one digital output interface, the output value corresponding to (X, Y) axis offset of type analog; button indicates whether the user pressed the Z-axis, which is of type digital switch volume.

Module integrated power indicator can display working status; coordinate identifiers clear, concise, accurate positioning; using it can easily control objects (such as two degrees of freedom servo head) movement in two-dimensional space, it can be programmed through the Arduino controller, sensor expansion board connectors, complete with remote interactive creative works.

  • Quality rocker, long life, stable performance
  • Two analog outputs, one digital output, clear three groups interface
  • X, Y-axis output of the two potentiometers, can be read out through the AD converter twist angle
  • Press down on the joystick, you can touch switch all the way out, as a digital output, the pull-up
  • For two degrees of freedom, or other remote PTZ control servo proportional control
  • For arduino platform, compatible with arduino sensor interface
  • Packing inlcudes: Joystick and Cap
  • DIP version

Documentation: Demo code of control servo by using this joystick available here.

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