The board includes follwoing functions

  • 0.96” SPI connected OLED interface.
  • DS3231 RTC I2C real time clock, also on board battery socket.
  • PCF8591 analog input and output expander,  lead out following extra pins:
    • AOUT – also have on board programmable LED
    • AIN0
    • AIN1 – connect to analog sensor socket, with pull up resistor, via jumper. Default include lightcell sensor
    • AIN2
    • AIN3 – connected to on board trim-pot potentiometer, via jumper.
    • GND
  • PCF8574 GPIO expander, lead out following extra GPIOs, with break out pin header
    • L0 – joystick left – via SMD jumper
    • L1 – joystick down – via SMD jumper
    • L2 – joystick right – via SMD jumper
    • L3 – joystick up – via SMD jumper
    • L4 – on board LEDs
    • L5
    • L6
    • L7 – buzzer – via SMD jumper
  • Raspberry pin IO26 / P25 controlled LED.
  • Infrared receiver via IO18 / P1 raspberry pi, support LIRC software
  • Reserved DS18B20 temperature sensor socket, at IO4/ P7.
  • On board power LED.

Schematic please see on this page, demo code please find here (misc).

Additional information

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